Thursday, March 25, 2010


Unrelated! From left to right:

1. My cover story about the likable, talkative, market-obsessed, fake-fingered actor Shia Labeouf is in the April GQ. The full story isn't online yet; pictures and interesting quotes here. I hope to post the full text or a scan sometime before the movie in question, Oliver Stone's Wall Street revisited, is actually released.

2. I'll be blogging about food obsessions on the New York Times' T Magazine blog, The Moment. My first post, about smoked meat sightings and Hoof Café's odd/good rabbit-blueberry pancakes from my recent trip to Toronto is up now.

3. A bad picture of a good thing. A runny egg atop a mess of spicy, tart, crunchy, chewy pig's ears at the very good Animal restaurant in LA, which has nothing to do with anything except it's where I ate dinner with my friend Sam after the Shia chat.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


If for some reason you haven't been keeping up with Kyoto drive-time radio but would like to listen to me talking with a very nice man about tofu, the internet has made this possible. The interviewer is Tamotsu Nakano, professor, columnist, radio host and all-around excellent guy. He and his wife were kind enough to show me around Kyoto a bit when I was there working on my tofu story for Bon Appétit.

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