Thursday, March 25, 2010


Unrelated! From left to right:

1. My cover story about the likable, talkative, market-obsessed, fake-fingered actor Shia Labeouf is in the April GQ. The full story isn't online yet; pictures and interesting quotes here. I hope to post the full text or a scan sometime before the movie in question, Oliver Stone's Wall Street revisited, is actually released.

2. I'll be blogging about food obsessions on the New York Times' T Magazine blog, The Moment. My first post, about smoked meat sightings and Hoof Café's odd/good rabbit-blueberry pancakes from my recent trip to Toronto is up now.

3. A bad picture of a good thing. A runny egg atop a mess of spicy, tart, crunchy, chewy pig's ears at the very good Animal restaurant in LA, which has nothing to do with anything except it's where I ate dinner with my friend Sam after the Shia chat.

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Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Step 1: Make sure someone else is paying. Step 2: Pick up the April edition of GQ which has a story of mine in which I follow the very talented and likable Jim Meehan, proprietor/barman of the very tiny and likable cocktail place PDT around on an investigative bar crawl. The idea is there are a lot of fancy cocktails out there now but none of us really know what to drink when, how to construct a menu of these things, what follows what so you're happy and don't feel terrible at the end of the night. You'd call PDT a hole-in-the-wall if it wasn't more properly described as a hole-in-a-phone-booth-inside-a-hotdog-joint. It's a nice place and you should go and drink Black Flips and That One Sachs Likes with the Pomegranate-Molasses But Made With Rye & Not Gin (pretty sure that's not the real name but it's the only way I can remember it) and eat Chang Dogs. Unless it's crowded and you might take my seat, in which case you should just send Jim your money and good wishes. I think that's supposed to be Jim in a jacket, facing the bar in the magazine illustration above. To the left is our friend Dr. Michael. The woman is GQ's own Sarah Goldstein. And I'm the woodcut on the right, though my hair doesn't look nearly that good in real life.

Have a look at the story HERE


Friday, February 27, 2009


GQ this month has a big thing about the best breakfasts in America or the world or something. Within this larger story there is a tiny, angry, lunatic piece by me called WHY BRUNCH BLOWS in which I declare brunch dead and use a lot of exclamation marks. To read this important piece of breakfast journalism, go HERE. On a more positive note, the flip side of that very same piece of printed paper carries an even smaller ode to the DELICIOUS MORNING BUN from Tartine Bakery, San Francisco which I non-blogged about last summer HERE. GQ actually used my photo of the morning bun, which is kind of cool.