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»  GQ stuff: oct 06  had a thing with recipes from suzanne goin, my friend dennis leary and other chefs.
     and buried in the sept issue is something on “the art of the sandwich.” if you are having a sandwich emergency you can check it out.
»  DEPARTURES —  a story about my friend & barber, the dapper mr. clemente di monda. everyone should love their barber.  
my story in condé nast traveler about eating my way along the route of the tour de france was nominated for a 2006 JAMES BEARD JOURNALISM AWARD.*
*“it’s an honor just to be nominated” (in other words: i lost)
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»  CONDÉ NAST TRAVELER   dec 06 — a feature about an exotic place called san diego. like writing abou a nap.
» BON APPÉTIT   may  07— eating shanghai.
»  GQ   april  07— in defense of eating late at night, parisian clichés & dogs that smoke.
»  MEN’S VOGUE may/june 07 —  numbing the pain at european pharmacies.  
»  FOOD & WINE  march 07 —  eating yakitori on st. marks with the dude who won the top chef reality cooking show.
»  CONDÉ NAST TRAVELER   feb 07 —  a big story about the hamptons.
still dining out on…
coming soon
Lions in Africa, a shy tiger in India & one “agitated” bear in the Canadian Rockies … Poutine in Quebec… The Hana Highway, Maui… Swedish rock…
» BON APPÉTIT   october  07— a road trip through the MARGARET RIVER wine region of WESTERN AUSTRALIA
» MEN’S VOGUE  october  07— a story about WOOL. in which i wear some long UNDERWEAR for many weeks
» DETAILS    october 07 — the “new” STEAKHOUSES. or the new “steakhouses.” anyway, a lot of MEAT & the pictures are nice
» CONDÉ NAST TRAVELER   november 07  —  big story about SCANDINAVIAN SUMMER in åland, the  stockholm archipelago & gotland
» GQ    november 07 —   frederic MALLE smells good, has nice stuff
» MEN’S VOGUE  november 07 —   DOMENICO VACCA helps hollywood dress better
» TRANSLATED     japanese magazine “courrier japon” has republished my tokyo dining story — in  JAPANESE [!]
—check out the original [english] new york times magazine version about whale bacon, horse sashimi & evertyhing else in tokyo here
» ANTHOLOGIZED   my shanghai story is reprinted in the book BEST FOOD WRITING 2007, out now.
» PLUS —  fresh photos from india, africa and recent trips on the vacationist my not-a-blog blog — have a look and check back often.