Thursday, October 05, 2006

from the files™ : tokyo 05

This isn't a food-porn blog and nobody is reading it. So I'll share this with myself. Had dinner last night with Adam Rapoport and Mitchell Davis at one of the shiny beige steakhouses that are everywhere in the city these days. The meat was fine but hard to compare with what we'd had in Tokyo at a tiny, basement sushi-bar style steakhouse called Shima. April and I were back there last year & I took this picture of Chef Oshima weighing our portion of the pink-as-bubble-gum marbled Kyoto beef. Now I've made myself hungry again.


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Australia. September 06

No matter how much of this I drank

I still did most of my driving while asleep

Luckily the road was easy.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Australia. September 06

Hodgman and I had a day to run around in Melbourne. Forgot to take any pictures. So the night clerk at The Prince in St. Kilda took this of us working behind the front desk.

Mixed Business. Sydney.

My imported Nokia e61. Nothing to do with Australia. I just like it.

Sydney. Our friend Mike is an anchor on the Channel 7 news. That's him in the tie before the taping and his wife Tracy in the foreground at street level outside the studio. It's mostly Australian news——completely incomprehensible.


Meat pie. "Chicago" bourbon.

Pretty good stuff from the meat pie shop in Busselton with the necessary squirt of sauce.

Speaking of odd sauce: Bourbon, served to this Kentuckian in a bar in Perth, made by a fiction called the Slate Distilling Co. of Chicago. "Tastes like a real Chicago bourbon should," claims the label.

Two oceans.

Cape Leeuwin on the southwestern tip of Australia. The old German man who took the picture asked how it looked. Looks good, I said. He said "Ok tell me bullshit."

Pink clouds. Curious kangaroos.

Moses Rock, Indian Ocean, Western Australia.

The end of the road.

Margaret River region, Western Australia, three hours south of Perth. Far, far away.